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July 17 2017

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p o w e r s t a n c e

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Roscoe The Adventure Cat

Photos by Roscoe Fats

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July 16 2017

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60 year old historian Martin Bühler (who identified himself to the press, I do not identify activists without consent) appears to ‘photobomb’ a lot of media images of the G20 in Hamburg. In reality he is a long time observer documenting police brutality. In Hamburg he chose to cultivate the most non-activist ‘white bystander in a suit with a bike’ look he could manage and casually walked in front of police. As police slowed down or interrupted attacks and waited for the ‘bystander’ to get out of the way (being caught on camera trashing what look like bystanders is bad press after all), activists had time to regroup or retreat.

oh my god, what a fucking badass

This is how you use your middle aged white man powers for good

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July 15 2017

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The worst volume control UI in the world – uxdesign.cc

This is the funniest shit i’ve seen in a while.

How the hell could you leave out

I love my volume control to be the winter Olympics.

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Calvin and Hobbes on

What school does to individuality

I love how this is like Deep Point About Schooling

and yet in-universe you totally know it’s just Calvin trying to get out of class

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archatlas [via booklover]: Located in the Yintai Center of Chengdu, this bookstore designed by X+Living embodies the cultural charm of this populous city in Western China. The streets of Chengdu have become a unique landscape, with its cultural atmosphere and remarkable leisure, running through every person’s life, and properly showing its elegance.

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July 14 2017

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Must have just been my imagination…

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the Techniques of each of the four element bendings

This is sodope

but you’ve forgot this


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